Introducing the "TEC - X35" Above Ground Meter for Pre-locating Underground Network Feeder Faults..

For many years, utilities have used a feeder fault location method known as "thumping" as an isolation technique which involves the application of thousands of high voltage pulses to the faulted feeder. Pulses are applied at the substation, using either a DC high voltage power supply (Thyratron) or capacitive discharge (thumper) test set. Field operators then travel the route of the feeder, entering manholes to take readings with a galvanometer that detects the pulse and traces the fault.
The X35 is a compact hand-held portable above ground meter which enables field operators to localize feeder faults without entering many manholes. The X35 displays polarized thumper signals and DC high voltage (Thyratron) signals to help direct field personnel to the fault location. The electric field detected by the X35 is analyzed using advanced state of the art digital signal processing techniques to eliminate back- ground interference and produce a "picture" of the pulses on a high resolution Liquid Crystal Display indicating amplitude and directional information. The X35 is unaffected by snow covered or flooded manholes.
The meter allows a field operator to detect the pulse signal at street level, entering manholes only for confirmation of the fault location.
The X35 is the answer for today's utility fault locating needs which demand fast and accurate repair. The X35 not only reduces the number of manholes that have to be entered, but also minimizes the time to localize the fault, which significantly limits the amount of time the feeder is subjected to high voltage discharges. In addition, the X35 greatly reduces the need to "pump and contain" contaminated water from manholes to comply with increasingly stringent environmental demands.
The durable weatherproof hand-held enclosure houses all the electronics, display, batteries, and rugged membrane switch panel. The switches are large and conveniently positioned to allow operation while wearing gloves. Designed with powerful patented signal processing technology, the X35 offers the state of the art in above ground pre-locating of network feeder faults.

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