The TEC-X35 Display

The X35 display is a high resolution transflective Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which provides a visual representation of the Thumper or Thyratron pulses. The LCD is designed for any viewing condition, including direct sunlight viewing or night viewing. In fact, unlike many computer screens, the more light that shines on the X35 display, the better the display contrast.

The display plots a trace of the processed Test Set signal. The Test Set signal also includes a band of background noise from other sources in the environment. The X35 greatly suppresses this background noise with internal processing. The vertical axis is the signal level axis, and the horizontal axis the time axis. The horizontal axis represents about 17 seconds of time allowing the display of 2 to 3 Thumper pulse simultaneously. The time axis will be continuously updated with the latest Test Set signal information while removing the oldest information. When the signal trace reaches the right-hand edge of the display, it restarts again at the left edge, erasing the old trace as it sweeps across the display. The new signal trace is separated from the old trace by about a one-second gap at its moving edge. At any time, the operator may "freeze" the display by pressing the HOLD button to study the readings. Pressing HOLD again restores operation.


Display Status Line

 The X35 display has two lines of information at the bottom of the display to indicate status information. The left side of the first line indicates the type of processing that the X35 is performing. This processing mode must correspond to the Test Set signal type being generated. In the center of the first line is the Gain level indicator. There is a choice of three settings. Adjacent to the Gain level indicator is the text message "Too High" which appears when the Gain level selected is too high. The second status line indicates when the X35 is in "Test" mode and the remaining percentage of battery power.



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